Currently, The SNCC has not licensed any producers that make cannabis edibles.

Cannabis edibles will be an integral addition to the Six Nation’s regulated cannabis industry in the future.

There is currently NO anticipated date for when customers can expect to see SNCC-licensed edibles in licensed retail locations.

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Edible cannabis products are different food products that are infused with cannabis and are legal for sale on Six Nations Land if they meet the criteria of the Six Nations Cannabis Control Law (“SNCCL”) and Six Nations of the Grand River Cannabis Control Regulations (SNGRCC).

Edible cannabis can offer consumers a discreet, smoke-free alternative to smoking. Edible cannabis can come in the forms of different baked goods, candies, drinks, capsules, mints, and more!

The regulations on edibles that are enforced by the SNCC ensure they are safe for human consumption in terms of what goes into them, how they are made, what kind of edible products are allowed for sale, and the maximum dosage of THC that can go into it.

(SNGRCC, Division VI: Edible Cannabis)

Even with SNCC-licensed edibles being certified safe for consumption, edibles can still potentially lead to an unpleasant experience for the consumer if they over-dose themselves. It can be hard for users to properly measure their dosage before consumption, which is why the dosage of THC in edibles has a cap of 10 milligrams per package as per the SNGRCC.

(SNGRCC, Division III: Container Quality and THC Limits, (6))

Why 10 Mg of THC?

The reason why the dosage is limited to 10 mg per container, is to minimize the possibility of overconsumption of edibles. The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction recommends that consumers only take 2.5 mg of edible THC and wait a few hours before taking more, to ensure users avoid overconsumption.

Compared to other cannabis ingestion methods, edibles are reported to produce more intense experiences that last for longer. It’s important that cannabis consumers start slow, and wait for their body to properly digest the cannabis edibles before taking more.

Edibles can also be unintentionally consumed by pets or children, if not stored properly. This accidental consumption can lead to health issues, so keeping edibles at a dose of 10 mg minimizes the chance of seriously harming pets or children that accidentally ingest cannabis edibles. It is important all cannabis products, especially edibles are properly stored away.

How Do Edibles Work?

Unlike consuming cannabis through inhalation, the body process edible cannabis through the digestive tract. The cannabinoids are metabolized through the blood and liver and are released into the brain and nervous system, generating the experience. Digestion is different for everyone, based on factors such as weight, metabolism, and food consumption. This means you and a friend could eat the same dose of edibles together and experience completely different effects.

In comparison, Cannabis smoke or vapour inhalation will give users an effect within minutes of use since it doesn’t have to go through the long and complicated process of digestion. Rather, the lungs absorb the cannabinoids which are sent to the brain shortly after to produce effects.

Why Buy SNCC-Licensed Edibles?

Buying SNCC-licensed edibles means that consumers can feel confident in knowing the edibles they’re ingesting are not only safe from any unwanted ingredients or contaminants but that they also contain the correct dosage of THC. With SNGRCC in place, shoppers have a minimized risk of overconsumption due to the 10 mg cap per container. In comparison to the unregulated market, where edibles can be mislabeled in terms of dosages and ingredients.

What Edible Dose Should I Take?

Determining your dose for an edible is a personal decision that can be made based off on your own experience and comfort level with cannabis. It is always recommended by health officials to “start low and go slow”, by taking 2.5 mg and waiting at least an hour before taking more. Always be sure to purchase edibles from SNCC-licensed retailers, to ensure that the dose you are consuming is correct to avoid overconsumption.

How Long Do Edibles Last?

Edibles can take 30 minutes to 2 hours for users to feel the effects, but may not hit their full peak until 4 hours after consumption. For some, effects may last up to 12 to 24 hours- so avoiding overconsumption is important for those with long-lasting effects. If properly dosed, this long-lasting effect can be an enjoyable time for consumers.

Does Over-Consuming Edibles Mean Overdosing?

No, there has yet to be a case of overdosing or dying from over-consuming cannabis in any form. However, over-consuming can lead to an unpleasant experience that could potentially last hours. This is why it’s extremely important for cannabis users to “start low and go slow”, mitigating the possible chance of these negative experiences.


While edibles are yet to be sold by the SNCC, we feel it is important to educate cannabis consumers on the Six Nations about the consumption method. It is key to remember to “start low & go slow” when consuming edibles, in order to avoid overconsumption.

With unregulated cannabis edibles being sold on our land, it is important community members are aware of the risks of consuming these products. With the potential of dosing in these products being unreliable, ingredients not being listed or the risk of contaminants, we strongly advise against consuming unregulated cannabis edibles.

We are not able to put out a date to as when consumers can expect to see SNCC-licensed edibles, but it is a part of our plan in creating a safe cannabis industry. We are effortlessly working to license more producers in order to get safe and accessible cannabis products (such as edibles) into the hands of cannabis users within our community!

If you think that you may be able to assist us in getting safe cannabis products to the Six Nations Community, please apply for a production license