The SNCC would like to thank all the cannabis industry members who attended our Meet & Greet Trade Show on Monday afternoon!

This was the first (of many!) SNCC cannabis industry events for Six Nations and we encourage everyone to continue participating.

We were completely blown away by the turnout; the friendly discussions, the feedback, and the willingness of everyone to continue working towards a community-based cannabis industry was wonderful. We were also pleased to hear everyone’s comments, concerns, and suggestions regarding the Commission, and we are actively listening and working progressively to address them.

If you are a retailer or producer who wasn’t able to attend and/or wish to voice your opinion, please reach out to us – our phone number is (226) 446-9908 and our email address is We welcome anyone to come visit our offices at 1721 Chiefswood Road in the Iroquois Village Plaza, we are open 9am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday or by appointment.

The SNCC recognizes and celebrates the courage of Six Nations retailers and producers for reaching out to us, hearing what we have to say, and ultimately for providing safe access to cannabis for the community. There are so many opportunities for a creative and collaborative cannabis industry, and working together makes it become a reality.

In the coming weeks, we will be making a few announcements regarding new license applications, who our new dedicated Community Outreach Worker will be, and much more… we’re excited to start moving forward in a positive direction with the entire Six Nations Cannabis industry.

Nya:weh from everyone at the SNCC!