OHSWEKEN (Monday, November 10, 2022) — On September 12th, 2022 the Six Nations Cannabis Commission (SNCC) recommended amending Division II, Section 2 (a),(b) of the Six Nations Of The Grand River

Cannabis Control Regulations (SNGRCCR), under the Six Nations Cannabis Law (SNCL) in regards to the whole margin percentile. Which was accepted by Six Nations of the Grand River Elected Council (SNGRC).

Domestic cannabis retail products produced by a cultivation or manufacturing license holder were subject to a wholesale margin of an amount between 30% to 33% of the price paid by the SNCC. (Cannabis products imported from outside the community by the SNCC were subject to a wholesale margin between 35% to 40% of the price paid by the SNCC.)

The Commission proposed that the wholesale margins license holder’s pay be lowered, as the recently admitted commissioners felt it was too high. The commissioners are hopeful that lowering it may entice more cannabis cultivators and manufacturers to apply for their SNCC licenses.

The new wholesale margin for domestically produced and purchased cannabis products would be an amount no more than 8% of the price paid by the SNCC. Additionally, the wholesale margin on imported cannabis may be greater, but not less than 8%.

These wholesale margin percentages are to be determined annually by the SNCC through its budget review process. Upon the new amendments, the SNCC has to provide a 6-month notice to their cultivation and manufacturing licensees of any increase to wholesale margins.

This new wholesale margin highlights a fresh start for the SNCC, as it’s just one of the many changes that are being made by the SNCC which is focusing its efforts on revitalizing the SNCC and making it more beneficial for the Six Nations community.

To learn more, or ask questions regarding the SNCC please email info@sncannabis.ca