Currently, The SNCC has not licensed any producers that make cannabis concentrates, edibles, or topicals.

These products will be an integral addition to the Six Nation’s regulated cannabis industry in the future.

There is currently NO anticipated date for when customers can expect to see SNCC-licensed concentrates, edibles, or topicals in licensed retail locations.

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Cannabis consumption methods are no longer as simple as smoking joints and eating “special brownies”. In 2022, there is a vast amount of consumable cannabis products with new ones being made and tried consistently. Different cannabis consumption methods are important for users to understand, helping them navigate their best possible experience with the plant.

With the number of consumption methods available to the average consumer today, choosing the right one allows people to consume cannabis in ways that cater to their needs and wants. This makes it a better experience, where the user doesn’t have to sacrifice their desires or comfort. There are many reasons why different methods are more aligned with different people, an example being edible methods are seen to be used more amongst athletes who don’t want to smoke.

The increase of scientific research on cannabinoids has allowed for the birth of newer cannabis products like topicals to be birthed. Products like CBD creams have become increasingly popular for use, even amongst those who don’t consume or have never recreationally consumed cannabis. Vaping cannabis is a widely used method that’s fairly new, driven by the technology of vaporizer devices. Nowadays, edibles can come in all different forms from drinks to oral sprays. New cannabis products, research, and technology are allowing for whole new experiences with cannabis.

With the 4 main kinds of products approved by the SNCC being flower, concentrates, edibles, and Topicals there are many different ways these products can be consumed by users.


Flower is cannabis in its true raw form, the original cannabis product. Today, the flower is still one of the most prominent consumed cannabis products. While the “traditional” methods of consuming flowers are still around, new consumption methods have been developed.


Smoking cannabis is often linked to the act of smoking a joint. One of the most portrayed ways of consuming cannabis would be rolling it up in a paper, and smoking it.

This famous cannabis consumption method has the user roll dried cannabis flower into a piece of paper or hemp, and when finished inhale through one end while putting a flame to the other. Smoke is produced as a result, allowing for an experience that is usually felt within minutes. Time smoking a joint can vary, depending on how much dried cannabis was put into it.


While smoking joints may be the most portrayed way of smoking weed, using a piece of glass like a bong or a pipe is often linked as prominent images within the cannabis culture.

There are a few different options of glass apparatuses that people smoke cannabis out of, but there are two distinct ways of classifying them: Dry or with water.

Dry glass apparatuses are things like pipes and one-hitters. Pipes often have a bowl-like design where the dried cannabis is put, whereas one-hitters hold weed on the opposite end of the mouthpiece. These are both used by putting flame to the cannabis, and inhaling the smoke through the mouthpiece.

Glass pieces with water are similar to their dry counterparts but produce less harsh and filtered smoke. Bongs and bubblers are the most common glass pieces with water. Bongs unlike other glass cannabis consumption devices are made of multiple pieces like the body which holds the water, a bowl to hold the cannabis, and a down-stem to filter the smoke through the water. Bubblers are essentially dry pipes with a slightly larger body to hold a small amount of water that filters the smoke. Both of these require the user to put a flame to the bowl and inhale through the mouthpiece to produce the smoke that is then filtered through the water.

Smoking out of a glass apparatus is usually a short experience than that of smoking a joint, as less cannabis flower is used and the inhalation is done only once. The smoke produces effects that are usually felt within minutes of consumption.

Dry-Herb Vapourizer

This is the newest and most innovative way to consume dry cannabis flower, making it a less common method of consumption. This is often seen as a healthier way to inhale cannabis flower, as opposed to smoking because it produces vapour and not smoke.

Vape devices heat up cannabis flower in an “oven” where combustion isn’t reached. These vaporizers are powered by electricity or butane, which produces heat. Each device is different, but often users are able to choose the temperature they want to heat their flower to as science shows different templates release different cannabinoids producing different experiences.

Users inhale the vapour through the mouthpiece of the device, and the effects like that of smoke are felt within minutes. The duration of consuming this way is up to the user essentially, taking a number of hits until they feel effects they are comfortable with.


Cannabis concentrates come in a solvent form and produce a vapour, unlike cannabis flower which produces smoke. Because of this, the methods of inhaling this cannabis product require much different consumption devices.


Similar to a bong, the rig is a multi-piece glass apparatus that uses water to filter out the vapour with water. Rather than flame being put to the concentrate, a torch is used to heat up a glass piece named the “nail” which resembles a deep glass bowl. The user puts a small piece of the concentrate into the nail after it’s been heated to the desired temperature. Before inhaling, a glass topper piece is put on top of the nail to keep the vapour in the rig. The heated nail evaporates the concentrate as the user is inhaling, producing a vapour that produces effects almost immediately.

There are also electronic rigs, where the user chooses their exact temperature using the device’s buttons and screen. Instead of a glass nail, it is replaced with quartz or ceramic bowl. This can be easier to use, require fewer tools, and be a less overwhelming experience for the user.


Cannabis concentrate pens have gained a lot of notoriety over the last few years, solidifying themselves as one of the newest and most popular methods of cannabis consumption. Unfortunately, due to the black market concentrate vapes being filled with contaminants that made people sick, they have been affiliated with being unsafe for consumption. The SNCC can promise cannabis users from Six Nations Territory that SNCC-licensed cannabis products are safe and free of contaminants.

Concentrate vapes are usually disposable and sold with the concentrate already in them, most commonly distillate, live resin, or live rosin. They either come without the battery as a single cartridge or come with the battery as a full unit product. Either or, they are disposable after the concentrate has been finished. Vape cartridges have to be hooked up to a compatible battery, in order to use. Vape batteries operate on either a button or inhale mechanism that triggers the coils inside the cartridge to heat up, producing vapour from the concentrate. Batteries also sometimes have different temperate options for users, allowing them to choose whatever they find most comfortable.

There are also concentrate vapes that aren’t disposable and sold without concentrate the user drops their own concentrate inside of the vape coils, closes it up, and uses the batteries mechanisms to inhale the vapour produced.

These vapes are a discrete and easy-to-use cannabis consumption method that doesn’t require the user to inhale too much to feel the effects that are felt shortly after inhaling.


While the idea of how cannabis users consume concentrates is usually thought to be a rig or vape, ingesting them orally is always a method of consumption depending on the product.

Similar to edible cannabis products, some concentrates too can be consumed orally. Notably, products like oral sprays, oral oils, sublingual strips, and capsules are made with concentrates which have been prepared to be orally ingestible.

RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) and Distillate are two cannabis concentrate that can be consumed orally, as the THC in both of these products has already been activated through decarboxylation.

Just like edibles, these products can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours to feel, with effects potentially lasting 12-24 hours. As always, it is recommended to be sure of your dosage before consuming any of these products, and as always to “Start Low & Go Slow”.


Edibles have come a long way from just being infused homemade brownies, now edibles are a cannabis consumption method that uses all kinds of foods and drinks as its base. From your favorite candies, baked goods, or even soda flavors – there’s a good chance it could be made into an edible.


Whether it be a drink or food item, cannabis edibles are a great cannabis consumption method that can be enjoyed by all cannabis users but especially by those who aren’t looking to inhale smoke. Cannabis edibles are as easy as eating or drinking an item of the user’s liking, but can easily be over-consumed leaving the user with an undesired experience. To enjoy edibles, it is always recommended to “start low & Go Slow” starting with a dose of 2.5mg and waiting an hour to feel the effects before taking any more. Ingesting cannabis edibles can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours to feel effects that can potentially last 12-24 hours.


Cannabis topicals are products that have been infused with cannabis and are able to be externally applied to the body. Topical cannabis products seen today include creams, bath bombs/salts, patches, toothpaste, soap, hair oil, bath salts, and more! Both the CBD and THC found in cannabis topicals can produce beneficial effects depending where applied.

Applying Topically

Depending on what type of cannabis topical the consumer is using, the instructions will vary. The product’s label will be able to tell the user exactly how and where to apply the topical, and will most likely be the same as a non-infused topical. When applied, the cannabis is absorbed into the skin and works with the brain’s cannabinoid receptors to produce effects. Unlike cannabis consumption methods that include orally ingesting or inhaling the cannabis, only the parts of the body exposed to the topical will experience the effects of cannabis. The length of the effects, and how long it takes to kick in will vary amongst facts like weight and gender.


The cannabis products available today and the methods of consumption have changed drastically, even just from the last decade. With the increase in new cannabis products, research, and technology, cannabis users are able to gain new experiences with cannabis.

While the SNCC currently has not licensed any producers that make concentrates, edibles, or topicals we look forward to the day that we can, as it will allow us to provide even more safe and accessible cannabis products and methods of consumptions to the Six Nations Community.