Six Nations of the Grand River (“SNGR”) has enacted the Six Nations Cannabis Control Law (“SNCCL”) and Six Nations Cannabis Control Regulations to regulate the cannabis economy on its Territory from seed to sale.


Are you a Six Nations Band Member? Do you hold a passion and demonstrable knowledge in cannabis, the cannabis industry, business development, and making your community a safer place? If so, you may be a great commissioner!

The SNCC has identified four (4) key guiding principles: (i) Protection of Health & Safety; (ii) Protection of the Environment; (iii) Community Contribution; and (iv) Prevention of a monopoly on the cannabis economy. These key goals have been reached in the amendments to the law and regulations, and are to be practiced and upheld by the commissioners on the board.


The Commission values and appreciates all feedback and questions directed from Six Nations community members, as it promotes growth and influences the direction of our local initiatives.

Whether it be through our social media or public email, community members can be assured they will hear back from the commission within 2 business days of their inquiry.


The SNCCL is harmonized with key elements of the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations (Canada), the Cannabis License Act (Ontario) and Cannabis Control Act (Ontario), particularly regarding health and safety and the protection of youth.

Our laws may be harmonized with Canada and Ontario, but we are proudly Six Nations and on the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory.


Through licensing community members, jobs will be created within the local cannabis industry that stimulate the local economy’s development and sustainability.

Our licensing process ensures license holders meet a high level of standards to guarantee they’re only producing and selling safe & regulated cannabis products for and to the community.